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Job Title: PhillyConnect Director

Location: Phillidelphia, Pennsylvania

Job Description:
PhillyConnect Director
Full Time

General Job Description:
The PhillyConnect Director oversees all programmatic operations of the PhillyConnect program for youth involved with the juvenile justice system. The Director supervises the Juvenile Court Manager, Records Administrator, the Case Managers, and various interns from colleges and community agencies. The PhillyConnect Director reports directly to the Executive Director, assists with program development, and manages contract compliance. The Director oversees all operations of the innovative PhillyConnect Alternative-to- Detention program, manages program budgets and spending, and oversees youth
development, program activities, court advocacy, documentation, and case management services.

About PhillyConnect:
PhillyConnect’s mission is to keep youth out of jail for life. We accomplish our mission by supporting justice system impacted youth and families as they rebuild communities from within. Our program offers community-based alternatives to connect courtinvolved
youth to positive resources in their local community. Through mentoring relationships, we prevent recidivism and address youth-initiated goals in education and employment.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Oversee all program operations, including afterschool programming, curfew checks, home visits, court advocacy, case management system, youth compliance monitoring, program activities and services, and documentation.
• Train and supervise staffing of PhillyConnect employees, providing coaching, feedback, and evaluation.
• Develop and maintain a network of mentors and community partnerships, including relationships with juvenile justice agencies, other service providers, and community resources.
• Assist managerial staff in program development, providing reporting on program outcomes and statistics, and oversee the management of government contracts.
• Manage program budget and expenditures.
• Provide leadership and direction for innovative community-based ATD program.
• Personal development in light of PhillyConnect’s mission, vision, and core values.
• Promote and advance the work of PhillyConnect through personal and professional contacts.
• Oversee court work, youth intake, assessment, and evaluation.
• Monitor attainment of programmatic benchmarks and program spending.
• Provide case management and group coordination where necessary.
• Oversee the recruitment, training, and supervision of volunteer mentors.

• Masters degree preferred, particularly in related social services or criminal justice field.
• Experience and familiarity with Philadelphia Family Court system strongly preferred.
• Minimum 3 years experience in program leadership, including managing budgets,
supervisory experience, preferably in criminal justice field. Minimum 7 years with no Masters Degree.
• Must be highly capable of managing programs (operations, strategy), as well as people
and relationships (internal and external).
• Excellent spoken and written presentation skills.
• Experience in program development, experience in criminal justice field, particularly in managing relationships with various justice system-related agencies.
• Comfortable working with a Philadelphia, grassroots, community-based, and faithbased agency.
• Comfortable working within an asset-based, positive youth development model.
• Attention to detail and ability to maintain written documentation.
• Experience working with Hispanic & African-American families.
• Spanish fluency a plus.
• Philadelphia native a plus.
• Credible Messenger (experience in the justice system) a plus.
• Must possess a passion for urban youth, justice, and a commitment to creating lasting community change.

To Apply For This Position:
To apply: Please submit resume and cover letter (with desired salary) to the following email address: PhillyConnect@uyai.org

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