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Sunsweet Growers Inc

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Job Title: Boiler Operator, 2nd or 3rd Shift

Location: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Job Description:
Under direction of Supervisor, responsible for the efficient and safe operation, modification, repairs and preventive maintenance of plant Boiler and facility equipment. Must be capable, with minimal supervision, of responding to and diagnosing associated equipment malfunctions and breakdowns, making required adjustments and repairs, and/or coordinating adjustments. Must complete written reports as required.

1.Starts up, operates and shuts down gas and oil fired high pressure steam boilers equipped with manual and electronic/automatic controls.
2.Performs feedwater, steam and condensate analysis and adjusts chemical treatment rates accordingly.
3.Operates water softening, de-aerating and treatment feed equipment.
4.Operates and maintains other designated boiler and facility equipment, including but not limited to condensate and steam systems, air compressors, air dryers, refrigeration systems (coolers and freezers), fuel pumps, emergency generators, bottle chillers (coolers), chiller water treatment systems, water treatment systems, etc..
5.Troubleshoots, diagnoses, reports on and corrects boiler or facility equipment and system malfunctions.
6.Performs routine AND preventive maintenance and reports accomplished PM duties to supervisors.
7.Maintains operating records for all designated boiler and facility equipment (coolers, freezers, water treatment systems, etc.).
8.Maintains Boiler house and associated areas in clean/safe conditions.
9.Complies with all state regulations regarding operation, safety and repair of all Boiler and associated facility equipment.
10.Assists in training of Boiler and related staff in all capacities as requested.
Operates forklift and ensures materials necessary to perform job efficiently and safely are available.
Performs other duties relating to the overall effort as directed. Performs and assists in maintenance of all plant equipment and machinery as directed.

1.Must have an understanding of steam Boilers and related maintenance procedures, parts and equipment. Must have at least one (1) year recent experience in start-up, operation, shutdown and maintenance of gas and/or oil fired steam boilers. If required, must be able to obtain an approved license in Boiler operation.
2.Must be able to read, write and speak English. Must pass company-paid physical. Must be able to move up to 50 lbs. frequently, 80 lbs. occasionally, consisting mostly of parts, tools, drums/bags of chemicals/additives.
3.Must complete orientation period (2 full calendar months) as a Boiler mechanic/operator demonstrating consistent efficient, quality work performance. Evaluations are completed by Supervisor.

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