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Job Title: Swamper

Location: McDonald, Pennsylvania

Job Description:
Position Description:
The Swamper works with the truck driver performing the work on the ground while the driver operates the truck.

Job Responsibilities:
Works with ethics, honesty, values and integrity. Provides a positive example to others.
Watches the truck at all times to avoid running into or over equipment on location.
Applies lifting devises (bridle), to equipment correctly, and attaches winch line to bridle.
Checks equipment to be loaded for readiness and that all miscellaneous equipment attached to that load is secured for movement.
Watches closely as load is being lifted onto truck and makes sure it doesn't hang up on tail pins.
Helps secure the load correctly.
Communicates with the driver and truck pusher and understands what is needed for each job.
Fosters a positive working relationship with drivers, coordinators, truck pusher and trucking manager.
Completes all safety and equipment related training's required on a monthly basis.
All other duties as assigned.

High School or GED equivalent.
Must be able to communicate effectively with CDL drivers, truck pusher/manager and Company men.
Must be comfortable in an environment that is occasionally high stress.
Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.

To Apply For This Position:
If interested please apply at www.ltrjobs.com

or contact Ryan Brown at 724-746-5600

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