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Job Title: Operations Manager

Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Job Description:
Description of Tasks:
1. Responsible for all responsibilities of the Operations Manager when asked to fill in.
2. Responsible for maintaining the general working order and efficiency of the shop and all equipment.
3. Visually check all blending units daily for wear and tear and devise plans to maintain the quality of the equipment.
4. Responsible for the safety and compliance of driver’s and equipment, including vehicles and trailers.
5. Responsible for answering customer and staff phone calls.
6. Responsible for informing employees of meetings and making sure they attend.
7. Perform employee roll call every morning.
8. Take care of all shop maintenance and direct workflow of others to accomplish that.
9. Maintain inventory for all pumps.
10. Communicate effectively between management, sales, purchasing, and office personnel to deliver excellent customer service.
11. Troubleshoot any potential problems in a method that is proactive instead of reactive.
12. Must maintain accurate inventory counts by multiple complete inventories.
13. Consistently maintain and promote a “Safety First” attitude with all employees.
14. Able to obtain and maintain a DOT medical card.
15. Able to pass all company required physical and drug testing examinations.

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