How To Use The Resume Submission and Online Application Forms

Points to remember when you "Submit a Resume"
  • For best results, "paste" your cover letter and resume directly into the boxes from a word processing program. If you need help, read the next section: How to copy and paste your resume into the "Submit a Resume" form or any "Online Application" for important information on preparing and sending your resume.
  • You may also enter your cover letter and resume by typing directly into the boxes. For the best appearance, do not use "tabs" and do not press "enter" at a the end of a line unless you wish to start a new paragraph.
  • In the Position(s) Desired box, you must supply the job title(s) and/or employment field of the position you are seeking. For example, a job-title: "Accountant" or an employment field: "Accounting". Job titles must be specific: entries such as "Any", "All", "Open", etc. are not acceptable and the resume will not be published.
  • You must supply your e-mail address.
  • You must supply a resume to us: "Resume upon request", etc. or references to online resumes on other sites will not be published.
  • All other information on the form is optional. However, it is in your best interest to take the time to completely fill-out the form to increase your visibility to our employers.
  • Avoid abbreviations to aid our employers while searching for you. Use normal capitalization.
  • All information provided will be visible to our clients; if you don't wish to be contacted by telephone, for example, do not complete that blank.
  • Be sure all information on the form is worded exactly as you wish it to appear to our employers, we do not edit content.
  • Once you submit your resume, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. This will contain the user name and password you need to update or change your resume.
  • We respect your privacy: Your resume will be visible only to Employers who have a "password" from PennsylvaniaJobs.Com. This will help to "target" your resume to those companies who are seriously looking for the best applicants and will provide an increased level of privacy for those who post their resumes with us. Your resume will not be visible to just anyone.
  • This is a Free service. Unlike some other employment websites, we will not divulge your identity to non-clients. We will not sell your resume, your personal information or your e-mail address to any other organization or company.
  • Please note: We list your resume for our client employers to view. We do not submit your resume to them. If you see an employment opportunity on our site that interests you, you will need to use the Apply Online feature on the listing or submit your resume directly to the employer per the response information on the job page.
  • Please, do not use this form to send a JOBS WANTED posting or other message to PennsylvaniaJobs.Com.
  • We provide Resume Posting as a service to job-seekers. All resumes are posted as received. We are not responsible for the content of any resume or the uses that anyone viewing them may make of the information they contain.
How to copy and paste your resume into the "Submit a Resume" form or any "Online Application"

You can copy and paste your cover letter and/or resume into the "Submit a Resume" form or any "Online Application" on this site from any word processing program such as Notepad, Word, WordPerfect, Works, etc. However, save your cover letter and resume as ASCII text (.txt) files before pasting them into the boxes. Special formatting will not be preserved. The following method is essentially the same for all. The "control" key instructions are standard procedure for any Windows application.

  • Open your cover letter or resume in your word processing program. On the "Edit" menu, click "Select All" or hold down your Control (ctrl) key while pressing the " a " on your keyboard.
  • Still on the "Edit" menu, click on "Copy" or hold down your Control (ctrl) key while pressing the " c " on your keyboard.
  • If you are trying to copy your resume from the "Update A Resume" page of the PennsylvaniaJobs.Com web site into an Online Application, you will need to use your mouse and select, or "highlight", the cover letter or resume itself (not the complete page), then hold down your Control (ctrl) key while pressing the " c " on your keyboard. Using "Select All" from the Edit menu of the browser will not work in this case.
  • Now go to the "Submit a Resume" form or any "Online Application". Put your cursor in the upper left corner of the box on the form you want the text to go in.
  • Hold down your Control (ctrl) key while pressing the " v " on your keyboard. Your text will be pasted into the box.
  • Finish filling out the form and submit it.
Close this window to return to the submission form.